Växjö Internationella Grundskola is a private school that offers a calm learning environment with lessons in both Swedish and English. The school was founded in August 2010 and started with two classes. We moved to our current, newly renovated location at Norremärksvägen 8 in 2012, and since 2013 we have been a complete primary school with classes from Kindergarten to Grade 9. Today we have 235 students and 35 faculty members.

Even if we have grown quite a bit since our start, our strength lies in being a small, family-based school where every student is seen and where both the educators and students know each other. Class sizes in Kindergarten – Grade 3 are 20 students per class, while Grades 6-9 have 26 students per class.

English in focus
Our school does not require that your child can speak English when he/she begins in Kindergarten. We increase in steps the amount of English spoken during lessons during each school year. The goal is that our students, when they finish in Grade 9, are equally as comfortable speaking English as they are when speaking Swedish. We work towards this goal through English lessons taught by native English speakers, as well as the teaching of approximately half of our lessons in other subjects in English. A part of our school population also has English as their first language, which helps to increase our international spirit.

Worldwide contacts
We are convinced that, through the use of worldwide contacts such as real-life and digital field trips, we can create a deeper understanding for the world in which we live. Our students participate in field trips to places such as Kalmar Castle, local farms, treatment plants, glassworks, hikes on established trails, cultural heritage centers, etc. Our digital field trips can take us from a digital tour of the Vasa royal ship (where you can see more than a trip to the museum!) to a video chat with other international students about human rights.

We feel strongly that, through English and worldwide contacts, our students will be well-equipped to face tomorrow's job market, regardless of which path they choose in the future.

”By focusing on English, we develop the next generation of global citizens.” 

Our school's goals:
• We respect and include everyone.
• We have a calm and safe school environment.
• We strive to become bilingual by teaching in both Swedish and English.
• We work to gain a good understanding of the world around us.

We offer:
• Växjö’s best school lunch
• Our own dining room and sports hall
• A high quality education
• A calm and safe school environment
• Updated facilities
• International educators
• Our own dining room. Our school lunches are provided by Restaurang Norremark.
• Our own sports hall, as well as other special classrooms (science lab, handicraft classroom, music classroom, art classroom, home economics area, etc.)

We have low staff turnover and a high number of qualified teachers, of which we are very proud. This creates security and continuity for our students, parents and faculty. The Swedish Schools Inspectorate's school surveys show that our parents are more satisfied than the national average. This percentage applies to all areas surveyed during 2015, 2017 and 2019. Our faculty and students are also more satisfied than average in almost all areas of the survey.