Dear Students and Parents,

Since 2010 we have offered a high quality education here at Norremärk in Växjö. Through our focus on English education, our students have reached a level in their English development that is not possible to achieve at a regular primary school. English is an important factor needed in order to be successful in today’s job market, and in today’s globalized world it is not enough to be just passable in English. We want to be a step ahead and give our students the opportunity to deepen their English knowledge. Our school strives to be a window to the world, in order to give our students the tools they need to succeed.

Our school is small, where both students and teachers know each other well. This is our way to create a calm and safe environment where we can focus on learning. Our teachers come from different countries, and you can hear several different English dialects amongst our dedicated, highly qualified staff. Our students come from all over the region, and have varied backgrounds which results in students that have friends from all over the world.

With international educators, a focus on English education, and a calm and secure learning environment, we at Växjö Internationella Grundskola provide our students with the tools they need in order to succeed that cannot be found anywhere else in our county.

We look forward to, by focusing on English, developing the next generation of global citizens.


Henrik Lacko, founder