Open House on Wednesday
26 October from 18.00-19.30
Norremarksvägen 8, Växjö

By focusing on English, we develop the next generation of global citizens

A small school with an international profile

We are a kindergarten to grade 9 international school with 230 students, with one class per grade. 50% of our teaching is done in English, with more English used during our lessons as the students gro older and reach new grade levels. We are a private school that was established in 2010; we are located in Växjö only and are not a part of another private school network or company.

Best result in Växjö

We have, according to the latest statistics, earned the highest grade point average for students finishing in grade 9. Our primary focus lies on both student learning and the importance of student and teacher performance.

Calm and safe environment

We have a calm and safe school environment. We are a small school with a family feeling, where students, staff and parents alike know each other well.

Dedicated staff

We have a dedicated staff, and through the years have had very few new staff members. There are no new staff members this school year (2022-2023), which creates a sense of security for both students and adults. Our headmaster for students in kindergarten to grade 6 is Henrik Lacko. Anna-Karin Nilsson is the headmaster for students in grades 7 to 9 and students in our afterschool program (Fritids).

New schoolyard

This autumn we will complete the work on our new schoolyard. We have increased the size of the schoolyard and installed a new multiarena and swings, along with several new pieces of playground equipment.